No Adventure, No Life!
Adventure Breathes Life Into Existence!
Embarking on an Adventure from Himeji

Explore Himeji with us!

We open the door to the unknown aspects of Himeji beyond just visiting the castle, and promote deep interactions between locals and travelers.

Experiential tours

  • Himeji Castle Tour Guide
  • Behind-the-Scenes Himeji Castle Tour Guide
  • Walk Himeji
  • Cycle Himeji
  • Eat Himeji
  • Sweets Himeji
  • Old Townhouse Himeji
  • Uncover the Secret of Himeji
  • Walk/Cycle the Saigoku Highway
  • Himeji Castle Outer Moat Cycling & Electric Kickboard Tour
  • Shikama Highway Cycling & Electric Kickboard Tour
  • Yumesaki River Cycling & Electric Kickboard Tour
  • Century Run Cycling Tour
  • Half-Century Cycling Tour
  • Sayo Town Cycling Tour
  • Saigoku Highway (Old Sanyo Road Cycling & Walking)
  • Silver Carriage Road & Ore Road (Cycling & Walking)
  • Mitos to Akō (Bike Touring, Cycling, Murotsu Historical Walking)
  • Mount Seppiko Climbing
  • Mount Myojin Climbing
  • Mount Shosha Historical Climbing
  • Mount Hyonosen Climbing
  • Ono Alps Climbing
  • Mount Higashiyama Climbing
  • Mount Sengamine Climbing
  • Mount Dangan Climbing
  • Takeda Castle Ruins Historical Walking Climb
  • Ieshima Islands (Canoeing, Fishing, Fishing Experience)
  • Bosei (Fishing Experience)
  • Nishijima (Fishing Pond)

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